You should really try this on. To get the best of this style, ensure your fashion designer pays attention to almost all the details involved. We’re so glad to have your feedback on our site. This style wouldn’t look out of place for most occasions and deserves to be named among the lovely Ankara styles in 2018. Aren’t they too adorable to handle? Ankara Shorts Styles For Ladies Beautiful collection of ankara shorts for ladies we’ve got today for you beauties, we’ve had other kinds of classic ankara pants which come in Ankara Palazzo Trouser, Ankara High waist Trouser and Ankara Jumpsuit Styles. If you are up for looking formal yet trendy, you will like this elegant style. Are you confused about the Ankara style to make for your next big occasion? You shouldn’t expect to rock this style for all events. Stylish Ankara Styles For Single Ladies 2 Min Read Share This! These ankara styles for ladies are extremely stunning, too bad am just seeing them now for the first time, Wow! You must be searching your phone for your fashion designer’s number right now. Another 2018 Ankara fashionology! Whoever started this Ankara style deserves an We got the idea of jumpsuits from the white, it wouldn’t do any harm to add some bit of our identity to it. A simple Ankara blouse with an interesting design around the neck and the rear combined perfectly with a long skirt that does not necessarily need to be Ankara. This is a style that goes perfectly well on ladies, regardless of how old or young they are. Latest, Trendy and Fashionable Ankara Kimono Jackets styles for ladies 2021 Happy new week fashionistas, on today’s post, we’ll be checking out the latest, trendy and fashionable Ankara kimono jacket styles for ladies. The plain top blends so nicely with the Ankara skirt. Dare to be different. You can also decide to play around with the style with mesh at the back. Take a deep breath and take some seconds off to savour this fashion art. Meet Manahil Qureshi who has an infinite love for food and cats. Just make sure you have a great designer to help design this to your taste. The style is also one of the most dynamic today as it can be twerked to different sub-styles. you can rock it to dinners, a date, or parri, lol. Still confused about the style to make with that and-co Ankara for your friend’s wedding? Price: It is available on Etsy at a price of $150. Enjoy and thank me later. If you are looking for that ever-green Ankara style you can bank on anytime of the day and for any occasion, then his is he style you are looking for. Take your pick. If you’re a plus size girl who wants to wear an Ankara, then this is the perfect look. Moreover, the floral headband is so looking so classy with her pastel outfit. Unique And Stylish latest 2020 Ankara … Ankara is not always about yellows, reds, blues, and greens. This style is smarter and sleeker on taller ladies though. Isn’t it too cute to handle? This style not only has a touch of class, it also fits into most events, including weddings. Be completely prepared to steal the spotlight in this unique African Ankara inspired style with western touch! 2783. Remember when we talk about creativity and thinking outside the box? Fabulous Ankara Styles Look. Consult a trusted fashion designer before you decide on which materials to choose. One of the Ankara clothing brand that has taken over Instagram timelines of many fashion fanatics. See more ideas about ankara styles, african fashion, african dress. This is yet another simple and smart Ankara style you can rock without stress. Hi guys! When you talk about creative Ankara designs in 2018, then this style should rate among the top 10. That’s a hell of a choice for a special evening. The African Ankara fabrics can be styled in anyway and any how you want. New Latest Ankara Styles 2019: 20 Unique Ankara Fashion Styles for Women. These are just a few choices in Ankara dresses. Not a bad Ankara style idea to rock for weddings or other occasions.Skirt and blouse has always been at the forefront in the fashion world and this style is another reason why. Perfect for weddings, dinners and other big event. Ankara Styles and Dresses: here are Beautiful Ankara Collection for Ladies. Perfect for various occasions. Nigerians are stylish people, and as the headquarter of Ankara in the world, there are unique styles that have been paraded in recent times. Ankara Gown Styles Fashion 2020 If an African fashion dress from Ankara gown styles appears to be sold out or not possible, reach out to the seller. Being an Ankara clothing fan, we are highly thankful to the owner of the brand Adetoke Oluwo for creating such beautiful Ankara creations for us. Of all the latest ankara styles gown there are, Nigerian ladies like to rock this the best. Hello Fashionista worry no more just scroll here and check out over 100 eye catchy designs and assorted styles to try out 2020 Hot Ankara […] Most of them prefer long dresses, covering their … This fabric over time have become more popular and prominent in other countries of the world. Looking for workplace outfit ideas? This outfit would be a perfect show stopper. From wonderfully designed blouses and skirts, sleek tops, dresses, gowns, bags, shoes and even book designs, the possibilities are endless. Be it there offices or weekend parties, and our ladies squad will surely rock the Ankara look. Even pastels can be a part of the Ankara wear any day. I LOVE THE STYLES BUT I CANNOT DOWNLOAD IT WHY. You can also be creative with the back design. I have dug deep into Pinterest to reveal these latest ankara agbada styles for guys, ladies and couples. This is one particularly for the chubby ladies. Popular brands of this fabric include vlisco Ankara wax, uniwax, Ghana wax, English wax, Dutch wax, Nigerian wax, woodin print and a whole lot of other African print fabric brands. One factor Ankara brings to the fashion world is creativity. If you want to wear something different, this Ankara would be perfect for you. This Ankara style is a plus for curvy ladies. Jan 5, 2021 - Explore Dezango Fashion Zone's board "Ankara styles", followed by 156222 people on Pinterest. While the importance of a touch of Africa’s identity cannot be overemphasized, the creativity and dynamism Ankara brings to the table has made Ankara even more popular in the world today. These are amazing! Ankara Styles Gown For Ladies (Summary) And there you have the Latest Ankara styles gown for ladies’ pictures you can check. You can style this outfit either with elongated length or with the shorter version of it. Are you curvy? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. This is our catalogue of Ankara styles for Nigerian styles. High low dress. This style says it all. The Ankara clothes might still be accessible but not relisted in the By the way, silver hoops are looking too good on her, right? It can be dressed up or down with shoes and accessories that complement the dress. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sleek. Some of these Nigerian ankara styles can also be worn by Ghanaians who also love the famous and widely accepted ankara styles. If you ever doubt the beauty of Ankara, you need to take a look at this Ankara style. Who says you cannot rock Ankara to official events? If you are one of those tall girls having lean body shape, then you should definitely give Ankara maxi a try. Apart from the fact that they look so lovely on almost every kinds of ladies with various physiques, they are perfect choices for various … Get ready to be amazed by vibrant colors and tribal prints. If you really want to flaunt your culture, you can do it by keeping up with the trends. It is an elegant choice, especially if you are carrying it precisely the way it’s presented. Other than abstract prints, Ankara fabrics come in many different prints like The Big Bang Design, The Zing design, The Bonsu design, The Record Disc Design, and The Feather Design. Trousers, skirts or even gowns can be used as inner wear before the main ankara agbada gown. Here are amazing looks of New Latest Ankara Styles 2019: 20 Unique Ankara Fashion Styles for women. The featured ankara outfits are trendy and include different types of styles – long and short gowns, skirt and blouse styles, and trouser ankara styles. Ankara styles for older ladies come in numerous designs, colors and sizes. Guess what’s in trend? Here we have selected 20 pictures of elegant Ankara styles for plus sized and chubby ladies. Then you should serious consider this style. Let’s try out something out of the usual. Smart. There are … Their bold and radiant prints are making ladies fall for them. Would you want to steal the show on your next big event? You can decide to twerk the front design to your own taste. What are you still waiting for? Latest Ankara Styles 2021: Beautiful Ankara Styles For Ladies CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL The Ankara fabric is a fabric well known in Africa especially in Nigeria. Get the best looks of african fashion styles; such as latest ankara styles, modern african designs, casual work outfits, wedding guest outfits, aso ebi styles, lace aso ebi styles, ankara tops, skirt and blouse, kimono, new trends, african fabric, african clothing, african lace styles, mordern and beautiful ankara styles, latest ankara styles for ladies exclusively only on A Chemical Engineer by profession and content designer by choice! Latest Ankara Styles 2020 for Ladies If you are a real fashion killer, it is not enough for you to slay with only english dresses wearing skirt and blouse daily. Ankara skirts look best in both long and short forms, so enjoy the fashion freedom that comes with Ankara styles. The issue begins when you can’t think of different ways to show off your Ankara fashion and style. No too much paparazzi; straight to the point and again, take another minute to imagine how this Ankara class will look on you. Another Ankara revelation in the simplest of styles. Check Beautiful Ankara Styles 2020 – Beauty is everything in the world today and as a lady, Ankara clothing styles are one of those powerful designs that will change your attire perspective. If you want to go cool without necessarily laying your guards down, then you should strongly consider this style. With a advanced ambit of bolt designs to accept from, Ankara styles for women abide to affection in the a lot of arresting all-around appearance events. Scroll down light and take take a look at assortment of Nigerian Ankara Styles Catalogue we’ve for today and ensure to share with buddy and household. News Familiarize yourself with new Ankara styles for women. Latest Ovation Ankara Styles 2021 for Ladies: 20+ Unique Ankara Styles Collections. Do not attempt this style if you are not ready to slay. Below are but a few of the choice Ankara styles for older ladies. Perfect for slim ladies and wouldn’t be a bad idea for curvy ladies as well. If you are one of those who are a fan of minimal fashion, then, your wardrobe must-have this beautiful gown. This simple style is as great for casual occasions as it is for classy ones. People from all over the world are fast embracing the Ankara fabrics and the designers truly deserve some accolades. Here is something different than any classy lady would want to wear. Price: It is available online on the Diyanu site at a price of $50. Latest Chicky and Elegant Ankara styles for Ladies kindly like,comment and subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest gists and updates. Pictures of the Latest Ankara Styles for fat Ladies in 2018: More Photos from our Collection of Ankara Designs for Chubby (Plump) Ladies: The beauty of Ankara in the simplest of fashions! For the young ladies who want to flaunt their personal style in summer, this is precisely what you need. Simple, creative, unique and dynamic. Please don’t overdo the accessories part as it will make you look like a fashion disaster. Big is bold, and with this style, big is even better. Who says the older generations can’t rock with Ankara! You can only see a great picture. You’d be forgiven to assume this style was not from this part of the world! This is one style you can never take away from top Ankara styles no matter how old. The top is a combination of dull pink and printed design, which is going absolutely lovely with the white palazzo. Touche. Well, you will be thrilled by the intriguing styles of the top Ankara outfits for ladies to follow. These days, such designs are available locally, too, which you can wear in an office or on regular hangouts. This is one Ankara style anyone can rock regardless of your age or stature. In the new season, Ankara is still at the peak of popularity. It is amazing what Nigerians and Africans are doing with Ankara today. These latest Ankara styles 2020 for ladies would be a plus for curvy women. Have a look at the top 20 must-have styles that should make a place in your wardrobe. It’s made of lace at the top and an Ankara print at the bottom. Simple. A rather conservative style for your next outing. This simple style is as great for casual occasions as it is for classy ones. It is perfect for any wedding you’re going to. You can pair the elegant piece with a black turtle neck and some gold accessories of your choice to complete your regal look. If you need more Ankara styles or African dresses for ladies then you can find them here. Ankara fashion offers interesting eye-popping Ankara short Gowns. A more suitable style for romantic dinners and weddings. Latest Ankara Styles 2021 For Stunning Ladies. There are different ways to rock ankara agbada that make a difference, especially for ladies. Exquisite. Apart from the fact that this style fits almost every occasion, it is comfortable to wear and even more comfortable to dance and move in. Gone are the days when we are restricted when it comes to styles and what to wear and what not to wear. Don’t you think that Ankara outfit twinning with mommy and daughter is a great idea? The footwear you opt to rock with this style makes … The older ladies do not appear to have a lot of problems with Ankara styles because they see the dresses to perfectly match with their lifestyle. We love the black pom pom on her heels. Pinterest. It is a pure printed Ankara, yet it will make a great addition to your wardrobe. You might find some high school girl to design her Prom nightdress with Ankara touch. This post explores the latest Ankara styles in Nigeria and what they are meant for. Usually, they are worn at weddings, high profile occasions, or even night outs. You are not limited with Ankara and can go as any length as you want to. We all want to look good, be it … WhatsApp. Let us take a break here. From the attractive collar to the well designed trousers, you can see something unique about this style. Both the sisters look super adorable while wearing matching Ankara outfits. In winters, you can wear an Ankara printed warm jacket over any neutral-colored outfit, so that depends upon your personal choice and fashion sense. Unlike most other ready-made materials, Ankara affords you that privilege of choosing the exact style you want. Ankara maxis are one of those outfits that are ready to wear for any formal or casual event. These styles are super fabulous and will look good on any lady’s collection. We love the silver crown on her head. Their ingenuity has made the Ankara a pleasant fashion statement across the globe. The fabric is cool and the colour isn’t loud, just moderate … If you are looking for an Ankara that is a bit casual and cute, you have found yourself the right one. The simplicity of the style steals even more attention than lots more styles in the fashion world today. From the suiting front design to its neat finishing, you wouldn’t argue about the class this style commands. The print is just lovely. It also goes perfectly well with different Ankara materials, regardless of the color. Simple, free and very comfortable to wear. Fabulous Ankara Styles for ladies to try out this year Christmas is here again, all ladies should start preparing and start making their tailors busy with sewing their Christmas fabulous attire, so I have specially selected about 30 gorgeous Ankara outfits that Nigerian ladies can try out this year's Christmas. Ankara short gowns in particular, emphasize the femininity, tenderness, and beauty of the wearer. Whatever style is out there, Ankara can do even better. For less strategic occasions, you can rock your flat shoes. Ripped jeans look appropriate for casual events only. Who says you cannot wear an Ankara in summer? The footwear you decide to rock with this style makes the difference. They could be a ankara tops, ankara skirts, ankara gowns even ankara aso ebi styles. The combination of new school design with a touch of the past generation concept makes this a must-have style in your wardrobe. Check these amazing Ankara styles, Ankara outfits, Ankara dress styles, African dress styles, unique Ankara outfits or African wears for women. All the styles that The beauty of this style is that it goes perfectly well with all colours and will make a great fit for all types of ladies. Let’s steal some attention, shall we? 25 Hot Ankara Jacket Styles for Ladies The Ankara jacket for ladies is a fun, trendy, and versatile piece of clothing that has made its way into the season’s most sought-after items time and time again. Ankara styles are inarguably one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing available. Ankara Dress Style For weddings. Ladies, what are you waiting for? The off-shoulder style also gives the outfit some extra hotness. Its free-space back design gives it an edge over many other styles in the fashion world today. Rocked more by ladies between 20 to 40 years old, this style is specially designed for … They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Other than writing, she has a love for designing jewelry which is why she has also started her own designer jewelry label, called Glare jewels. Ankara styled maxi are one of the hottest trends of this year. This style would be great if you are going to a birthday party. 20 Latest Ankara Styles & Outfits For Ladies To Wear In 2020 You can argue that this style rates among the old-school now but it still maintains a high rating in the fashion industry. Head over to Best Work Outfits for African Women. Welcome to the new fashion world. Then Follow with a thorough hot iron. this lovely fashion and styles are trending and in-vogue. Get the best looks of african fashion styles; such as latest ankara styles, modern african designs, casual work outfits, wedding guest outfits, aso ebi styles, lace aso ebi styles, ankara tops, skirt and blouse, kimono, new trends, african fabric, african clothing, african lace styles, mordern and beautiful ankara styles, latest ankara styles for ladies … It is perfect for various occasions. Let the party begin! This print will again steal the show. this lovely fashion and styles are trending and in-vogue. Do you ever think of wearing an Ankara outfit in the winter season? This is one of those styles that give you away at a first glance. Team Branded Girls have come up with some branded Ankara outfits that are readily available on brand’s online stores and can be purchased with just one click. Although some will argue that this style fits slim and tall ladies the most, chubbier ladies can also rock this style with easy and comfort. If you like the mermaid style dresses, this is precisely what you will love. With this, you can never go wrong. Ankara styles for ladies feature some of the most exquisite wears you can find anywhere. When you aren’t able to think out of the box your styling techniques are left on a lesser level than when you’re very creative and realize you can style your Ankara … You don’t have to buy the most expensive materials to look exotic; a lovely Ankara combined with nice materials can do the magic. To get the best of this style, you may need to consult the best fashion designers around. This is one of those styles that offer you away at a primary glance. Here are some other styles you might want to consider. If you love simple and classy Ankara gowns you can easily rock on and be dynamic with, then this is a great choice for you. These styles are super fabulous and will look good on any lady’s collection. Ankara design for ladies Fortunately, dressing to kill and to attract has been credited to females, especially to those lucid, shiny, glossy and glassy women, who are into Fashion! See Also: 22 LATEST ANKARA ASO EBI STYLES YOU NEED TO SEE (PHOTOS) ANKARA … Latest, Trendy, and fashionable Ankara kimono jackets styles for ladies 2021. Scroll down and see them yourself. Looks lovely with those shoes, but you can go for black heels too. The 2021 Nigerian Catalog Ankara Styles. Truth be told, this Ankara style might seem quite tricky for starters in the fashion designing business. The print is fantastic, and so is the style of the dress. Talk about classy design; talk about creativity; talk about this style for a minute. Although this style will be more welcomed by women in their 40’s, younger ladies even rock this style more in recent times. Mixing two Ankara materials is a beauty to behold. Amazing!! And here’s another superstar, Gwen Stefani who has always loved wearing bold and beautiful Ankara prints. The dress is a crop top with shorts. The loose style and belt create a slimming effect. It’s so beautiful it covers you from the shoulder to the toes. Many fashion bloggers have been seen wearing a radiant Ankara outfit with a military jacket over it. Ankara pairing with Denim jeans is one of the coolest casual fashion ideas that one can opt for. Here are some of the very best and latest Ankara styles in Nigeria today. Facebook. We love the versatility of Ankara styles. One note of warning though, make sure your designer gets the concept of what you are trying to achieve as they can easily make mistakes with this style. From the sleek touch to the innovation behind the style and down to the neat knitting you can only love this Ankara style. Are you stuck in the dilemma of which style goes best with that Ankara you have? Its combination with a palazzo-like rear makes this style something to  really try out. No matter the front design you go for, this style will never go wrong. This site gas been truly helpful to me, can’t believe I’m just discovering it. Although this style wouldn’t fly for all occasions, it is still worth having in your wardrobe, especially for days you feel like rocking something different. All of these have been classic and been received with love from you, but for […] When you aren’t able to think out of the box ideas and other styling techniques. 0. Latest Ankara Styles 2021: Beautiful Ankara Styles For Ladies Ankara Styles - January 2, 2021 0 The Ankara fabric is a fabric … Ankara is synonymous with ‘traditional wear’ in Nigeria. 100 Latest Ankara Styles 2020 Checkout Nigerian Ladies Concept. Dare to slay. It’s the season of … This style shows another dimension of the dynamism of Ankara. Denim looks equally good when paired with an Ankara shirt, blouse or jacket. This style is worth keeping in your wardrobe, especially for days you just want to go low key. Latest Ankara Styles 2021: Beautiful Ankara Styles For Ladies By admin - Nov 9, 2020 2456 0 Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp Ankara is a unique fabric. Keep visiting more blogs. Hello, Afro fashionista, it’s Sunday and we think it is the best moment for these Sunday ankara styles that trendy ladies should take a look at and add to their wardrobes. Be it the latest fashion ideas about women or kids outfits or trendy men fashion styles, she loves to keep her pen moving on such niches. Ankara street style can be revamped by using graphic vibrant prints too. Ankara styles are universal… We invite you to consider the latest trends in Ankara and fashion industry, choose a style and slay. First for its sophisticated style and also for its dynamism. By. Match the dress up with all the right accessories, and everyone will love the way you look! It’s a great piece for a day out at the museum as well as a romantic date night! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Walk into that wedding hall or dinner in this attire and be ready for the world to appreciate the creativity in Ankara design. Subscribe to the newsletter and keep yourself updated anytime. Whoever started this Ankara style deserves an accolade. 2018 opened with a lot of creative Ankara styles and this style remains one of the most popular. If you care about dynamism when picking an Ankara style, you may need to have this in your wardrobe. Although this Ankara style is not made for every occasion, be sure to be ready to rock this for your dinners, wedding and high-class events. This is one of those styles you can rock any day and feel like a boss. While this style may not be seen as all exotic and loud, it is way above the average Ankara styles we have today. So you can have enough styles to send to your tailor. Your next read about Ankara fashion can be 20 Gorgeous Ankara Gown Styles & Ideas On How To Wear Them. The shoes and purse are both a matching shade of nude, making the whole outfit merely perfect. It’s like a mini dress, so it’s going to play the role you never imagined. The below outfit is a real-life example that blending both the fashion niches is simply not a bad idea. Gorgeous, Stylish, and Stunning Aso-Ebi Dresses with statement sleeves. Don’t worry about the tightness, you can still move around comfortably on this attire. Latest Ankara styles 2020 for ladies are now the latest African fashion trends. Popular Nigerian Billionaire Daughter,Florence Otedola AKA Dj Cuppy Has It is simple, but the belt in the middle makes it completely classy. This outfit will surely do the trick. You don’t have to worry about your figure. This is one of those styles birthed by innovative thinking. You’ll love them. Welcome to the Ankara Empire. Another idea is to strategically layer your vibrant Ankara outfit with a leather jacket or a puffer jacket. Everything about this style speaks class. The style speaks for itself. Every Ankara print lover will like to be seen in the latest styles … The world has turned into a fashion parade and you wouldn’t want to be among the odd ones out in those big occasions. Jan 5, 2021 - Explore Dezango Fashion Zone's board "Ankara styles", followed by 156222 people on Pinterest. Going to a party but can’t decide what to wear? Latest Ankara Styles 2021 For Stunning Ladies By admin - Dec 10, 2020 2783 0 Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp The African Ankara fabrics can be styled in anyway and any how you want. That means you can outshine your coworkers with an Ankara that is trendy and in fashion. The union of Ankara prints with Western-styled stitched clothes is a match made in heaven. Aug 28, 2020 - Explore Akosua Gabriel's board "Ankara styles" on Pinterest. These pictures of Nigerian Ankara styles come in different styles and designs for every beautiful woman. Team Branded Girls have come up with a mini guide for ladies to help them out in carrying Ankara wear anywhere. Not your usual kind of jumpsuit. This style not only combines elegance with class, it makes you stand out. This style is simple and classy. This style perfectly suits various occasions. You won’t regret you did. Rock the Cyrah African Print Maxi Skirt with Sash in the yellow contrasting and blue circles pattern. Get the best looks of african fashion styles; such as latest ankara styles, modern african designs, casual work outfits, wedding guest outfits, aso ebi styles, lace aso ebi styles, ankara tops, skirt and blouse, kimono, new trends, african fabric, african clothing, african lace styles, mordern and beautiful ankara styles, latest ankara styles for ladies exclusively only on You are in the right place, on the right page, reading the right information. Latest Ankara Styles 2020 For Ladies: Top Ankara Design Of The Week Trybeinfo September 19, 2020 Ladies do not like to be caught "unfresh", especially when attending top events or occasions, so that is why we have chosen these latest Ankara styles for ladies … I love these collection of ankara styles for virtually everything. This is another Ankara style that would’t go away anytime soon. As an accessory, the belt and the clutch are looking awesome. The best thing about Ankara is that they are available for ladies of all ages. Simple and classy. Sometimes, simple speak much louder than exotic. This is 2019 and these still look amazing. With these black shoes, the print really pops out, and you can make an impressive style statement. This easy style is as great for casual occasions because it is for stylish ones. Feb 27, 2018 - In between the whole confusion and mistaken ideas going around in the world of fashion, the ideology that the Ankara fabric can only be worn in a classic way is one of the things we would considering in this post. Simple and smart, the tummy belt gives it another dimension and even more for the one who have take a tummy tuck surgery. If you care about flexibility and dynamism when it comes to your wardrobe, this style is one of to consider. But there is a major problem when you can’t think of ways to show off your Ankara styles… This Ankara dress is very special and unique because it qualifies as art wear too. If you have got a special occasion and you are wondering what to wear, get any of these Ankara dresses. Below is a list of the Ankara dress styles 2018. Look again. See more ideas about african clothing, african attire, african fashion. Hello Ladies, Welcome back to your number one online channel, when it comes to #African Ankara Styles. This style shows class in all form of it. Twitter. This style slays any day. You can be a slim bodied person or a full-bodied person, Ankara is going to make you look elegant. At Debonke House Of Fahion, we showcases the latest and the best of #African dresses and also promotes the iconic creative designers who are behind these dresses to the rest of world. The style suits lots of occasions and be guaranteed the world will look and look again when you step in with this style. You can decide to go all long or short sleeve.
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