Yes, ensuring they are properly socialized when young certainly can help, not just with this but with how they get on with children of course. If you’re looking for a crate that’s ideal for the Siberian Husky, check out my recommended dog crates – you don’t want to make the mistake that so many people do and choose the wrong one. However, if you have a vacuum cleaner with a power cable this is soon going to get boring. There are a number of other possible reasons including a quiet personality, a lack of comfort with its environment, previous training, illness or injury, and boredom or sometimes depression. For thousands of years, any Husky who showed aggression to a human was killed on the spot. I'm sorry if you get a result you don't like! You will have so much of a better chance of getting your precious Husky back if one day it does escape. :) You will (at least most of the time) be the most important thing in the Husky’s life. I mentioned above that the Husky has a high prey-drive and this is the cause of pretty much every single time they run off when outside. Barbara Purvis Hunter from Florida on September 27, 2012: These are beautiful animals and I enjoyrf their history minus the abuse they had to endure. Most of these people do not live in the cold climate that the dog was originally developed for. The bottom two were in my obedience classes. If you own (or are thinking of acquiring) a Maine Coon cat - you need to grab a copy of our handbook! Where I take my Irish Setter out there is a group of them, I'd say 4-5 and it is wonderful to watch them play together. If you decide to make one a Guard Dog I can understand why – they do look the part at least. What a cheek! They … The Siberian Husky is quite a quiet breed of dog. This was never a problem to the Husky though with its two-layered, dense coat and the amount of exercise they had. They would dig holes to store their food and make a shelter. A Siberian Husky can turn the most dedicated couch potato into an avid exerciser. However, the problems are typically seen when a Husky is living with a cat or when the Husky is being taken for a walk. We are giving you five reasons to get … All you can do is try and train it out of them using a treat-reward system. We spend all this time waiting on them, providing for them and they’d do just as well without us! If you'd like to know more about us, and how to contact us - take a look at our About page here! When you’re inside they will play with you, eat with you and spend their evenings curled up alongside you on the sofa, sometimes actually on you. Other problems can be seen when they are kept in the larger crates that don’t have a top. With the internet came social media and with this came the sharing of thousands of photos of this incredibly stunning breed of dog. It simply isn’t possible to give the Husky the exercise it needs in the heat that can be experienced in these locations. Top Reasons to Adopt or Buy a French Bulldog #1 Its a small sized dog. Reasons why you should not have a husky Yulia Khouri / Khmer Times Share: Husda, now in Animal Mama Animal Clinic and Welfare Centre, was left in a pagoda after being thrown out of a car. on June 03, 2013: Very nice and informative hub. However, the friendship won’t end there. It may slow them down a bit but more likely is that you’ll let go of the lead and they will be off (see above point about this). Siberians are not “into” dog training. Therefore, any prospective owner must think very carefully before buying a Siberian Husky as it is not a dog that is suited for everyone. If they are outside, having some fun playing around and you decide they need to come in now, they may choose not to. There are so many breeds of dog available there is no reason to go for the Husky if you can’t do this. Read our privacy policy for more info. they do need tons of exercise! So why would anyone get one of these dogs? Really great to see them walking on the beach. Not only is it cordless but it’s arguably the best cleaner out there. Good, because they are able to comprehend what you are trying to get them to do. Only the photo on top is my dog, and he passed on many, many years ago. The Siberian Husky has two coats, a dense undercoat that blows (falls out) usually twice a year and a primary coat that consists of guard hairs which are quite long. Well, it can be but not always. It is both comforting and somewhat frustrating that the Husky would do so well if we weren’t here. However, your Husky is still an animal and sometimes those natural instincts can just switch on when you are least expecting it. I really do love being followed around the house with her talking to me, it's something I don't think I could to without. They are quite happy being in a harness, remember – this is how their ancestors were exercised for years. How to Recognize Your Dog’s Fears. The clue is in their name really. A lack of socializing when younger. Whilst they are in your home they will be quite content. Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on October 28, 2012: Shibashake (a hubber and Siberian Husky owner) has a great hub on all of the reasons not to own a Husky. Voted up and more! I have read your great hub on Siberians and remember the pictures of your beautiful red dog. To some, the Husky is the ultimate dog but it is far from ideal for an inexperienced dog owner. Thanks for sharing this. Great hub!! Considering what a great escape artist the Siberian Husky is, I’d really suggest getting a good dog locator for one. John David from Middle America on May 11, 2013: I have a 5 year old German Shepard/Husky mix and she is amazing. It will be harder, sure – but not impossible. Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on June 03, 2013: Man oh´Man! I bought my first Siberian in 1975, and had Sibes for many years after that. There are also a lot of things that you can do about it. Learning about the breed before you adopt is key to a long and happy relationship. They are good with children, strangers, and other dogs. Learn all about why you should (or shouldn't) get a Siberian Husky as a pet. An intruder enters your property without permission – your Husky hears something unusual and goes to investigate. We have 25 years of experience as Maine Coon cat owners and have also owned many other pets throughout our lives. This prompted many people who had never even considered the breed to start doing just that, purely off the back of the dog’s looks. Devoted and friendly, Siberian huskies will make an optimist out of anyone and will inspire joie de vivre in friends, family, and anyone lucky enough to be around them. They do not even get on that well with other dogs… 6. What is a destructive personality in a dog? The best suggestion for keeping on top of all this fur is to vacuum up daily. Owning a Husky is not for everyone as hopefully you now know. See video of paw shakes in slow motion. They will spend as much time with you as they can and they will be content, as long as you’re giving them some attention. So, the next best thing is to play with them a lot inside or alternatively put them on a dog treadmill! ~ P.S. If you are in a position where you need to work and will be out of the house for most of the day with no one there, then the Husky is possibly not the right dog for you. Getting your Siberian Husky to come when called can be a challenge for Husky owners. Reasons Not to Get a Siberian Husky. She has the ability to be stern when she must. LOL ~ Enjoy! You will save an animal from an uncertain fate. This could be the postman, school children, friends or a potential burglar. Actually, a frog would make a better guard dog than the husky. The Siberian husky is a dog breed that has become hugely popular within the UK over the last couple of decades, as dog lovers first began to notice the striking appearance of this wolf-like looking breed, as well as their outgoing personalities!. These dogs will never listen to your troubles… 7. Have an all white one myself. However, it is possible for this dog to start overheating when exercising at only 0 °F, which is still colder than many of us have experienced! If he’s an alpha dog, however, you may notice that he keeps himself a little distant from you — maybe just a few inches. Siberian Huskies is the only dog breed I have and will ever have. Rachel Koski Nielsen from Pennsylvania, now farming in Minnesota on September 28, 2012: Beautiful dogs! Since I was just 2 years of age I've had pets in my life - which I don't mind admitting is 47 years! Formal training helps bucket-loads so this really should be considered as mandatory when they are a puppy – but don’t think it’s too late if for whatever reason they didn’t get this. Intruder starts to slowly back out of the house – Husky quickly fetches his favorite toy so they can play. (As Jerry Seinfeld would say "not that there is anything wrong with that"). Even without snow, Siberian Huskies love to run. Wouldn't trade her in for any other breed, though she does love my male pommie and so do I (even though he isn't all that submissive to her). Like when it’s time to be taking them out for some exercise but it’s cold and raining outside and you were hoping they’d forget! The males are much more aggressive towards small, furry animals than the females. This wasn’t a problem, of course, until recently. Thanks for the sharing! I can't tell you how hard it was to come home and find another dead animal every time my dogs got out. Now, imagine you’re out and have them on a lead taking them for a run. link to Why do cats shake their paws? 15 Reasons to NOT Buy a Siberian Husky 1) The Siberian Husky Has a LOT of Energy But this is most likely what will happen: You can totally see the above happening. If you’re thinking of leaving your Huskies more than about 30 minutes you should consider a crate. 796 photo by Melissa Vennix . If you are a bantam rooster, a rabbit with a delicate neck and a quiet personality, or a Pomeranian who has forgotten the proper dog submission signals, there are Siberian Huskies lining up to make your acquaintance. I got my first dog at 13, which was fine since I loved to run on our back roads and through the woods, but I do not think I could keep up anymore, and my male would be gone in a flash. However, one point to consider when making clothing out of Husky-fur, try and remove any guard hairs from it before you make something! I think they are great, as long as you don't care about training, gardening, or having chickens!! This, combined with a lot of play-times at home will certainly help. Maybe if you had the state of NY that would be enough. If I was you’d I’d take a look at the awesome Dyson V10 Animal Cordless Cleaner from Amazon. Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on June 03, 2013: I've seen the talking (singing) video before, it's awesome! They are not same as ordinary dogs. The only time I see the Shepard in her is with her long and slightly bent ears and her intelligence(sharp as a tack), yet stubborn as a mule. If you take this leash off you are telling them they can do exactly what they like. So, you need to be authoritative and at least give them the impression that you are in control, not them. Great info...Thanks for sharing. After all, cats are supposed to be ever-playful even into old age. However, there are different reasons why it happens, especially with the different attitudes Huskies have compared to other breeds: 1. This could be your couch, slippers, tables, doors, or anything really, and once they start it is unlikely they will stop. Down here we call them mestizos! My Pit Bull cross is a mestizo, but we start calling them mutts when a few more generations and mixes are thrown in. Question: Do you want a husky or do you already have one? Run Baby Run. I knew they were ornery..Im getting a tad nervous about the whole chicken/garden thing. Jef from Philippines on January 03, 2013: I too didn't have luck with huskies. Did it matter if their dogs did not respond to a recall command? Those blue eyes… They are the best dogs. Perhaps taking them out at night or only at dawn and dusk. I guess she would be considered a mutt considering the split breed, but I swear you would ask if she were purebred. Once they escaped the confines of your home they would run around outside chasing (and catching) small mammals. The Siberian Husky definitely has a high prey drive. Well, that was one reason. He has been working with dogs for more than 40 years. But, the truth is — there is a hidden world of German Shepherds that many people don’t know about.. We’re here to warn you about 15 reasons you should never adopt a German Shepherd. Abdus Salam from Bangladesh on June 03, 2013: Hi Mary! However, it’s all about you, not them. This is part of a Husky’s natural instinct and you will find it very difficult to train the behavior out of them. Loved the photos and videos. Oh'man! It looks like someone sheared a sheep. There’s really no excuses – they simply can’t be trusted to not run off if you let them off the lead. The males also like to "wander off" more than the females also. But if you want the type of dog that will play fetch with you and will blindly obey your every command, consider other breeds. 18. And if you aren’t a human marathoner, having a Siberian is a great way to get you started — or at least enough to get your heart rate going. My gal has all the attributes and negatives you stated, which I find hilarious. But not all husky traits are universally appreciated or understood. If your Husky isn’t eating, it might not point to sickness or anything. Or, when they want to play with you inside because they’re bored and you’re watching the television instead. Without the Huskies, it is unlikely these people would have survived and thrived as well as they did during this time. It is probably impossible to teach a Siberian never to dig. The Intruder and Husky become best friends. The Siberian Husky is an intelligent breed of dog and this can be both good and bad. 1- They steal your heart with one single look! He still has a Siberian! Problems can occur when they start to be found in climates such as what we see in Arizona or alternatively, other countries, like India. Super dogs for the arctic, but for the farm, not so much. All... petsKB is owned by Jane and Matt Pettitt. But she is curious about the wild rabbits outside. (Of course I still love them-whats up with that?). What is a Siberian fan to do? This stubborn-ness is difficult to fix. Sam sheds like there is no tomorrow and takes off into the cow pastures nearby often. That is the best reason to own a Siberian Husky. We have not and probably will never ever get over missing her. No dog likes to be left alone but the Siberian Husky particularly so. Huskies are awesome dogs, but you do need to know what you are getting into by owning one. The Siberian Husky was originally a working dog and was used in the Siberian... 2) The Husky could escape from Alcatraz For example, your dog may refuse to go outside, no matter how much you encourage them (or try to tug on their leash).. Others may go out but will cower low to the ground or have their tail tucked between their legs.Some might even show severe signs of stress and anxiety, like heavy panting and restlessness. And the only way to raise chickens and geese is far, far away from a Husky! When she "blows" her winter coat, it is EVERYWHERE! See video of paw shakes in slow motion. I'm Matt Pettitt, joint founder of the Pets Knowledge Base alongside my wife, Jane. I plan on learning as much as i can in the meantime though. Well, that depends on the dog but I would recommend no less than at least twice a day and for at least an hour each time. The Husky is a sled dog and used to pulling sleds (errr obviously, right?) What this means for you is that you will need to exercise your dog every day and for some time too! This medium sized to large dog breed is a mix between the Husky and the Labrador Retriever, more widely known as the Siberian Retriever. In temperate climates, the Siberian Husky can survive just fine although we do need to be somewhat careful of them overheating. Sam is sadly a bit on the skinny side, but healthy as can be. The Siberian husky is an agile, athletic and intelligent dog. deergha from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!! A Husky owner friend of ours created a lovely long scarf from all the fur they sucked up. 20 plus years of eating husky hair and i wouldn't have it any other way. They dig to find a comfortable spot to lie down, they dig to escape and go for a run, and then sometimes they just dig because they are bored. Thought you guys would appreciate this shot… Whatever you have read, you will not be prepared for the storm that will hit you after you get one! So don’t feel bad about putting one on them, they like it and feel secure with it. Bad, because they may decide they don’t want to do it. There are many things you need to know about Huskies before owning one. Now, most of the time they will stay with you – no problems at all. This is no… There is only so much you can do about this as it is really part of their build and will always be so. That doesn’t mean you can’t have one but it does mean you will have to find other ways to keep their anxiety levels down. These dogs learned what was important and also learned to ignore whatever didn’t matter. I know what you’re thinking – are you mad? In fact, far from it. While huskies have that wolf-like beauty, they are very friendly dogs. The German Shepherd is known for being a regal, guard dog that is loyal to the end. It is possible though to teach him to only dig in one area. mjvennix. 9 Reasons You Should Get Yourself A Husky Cause let's be real, huskies are the best dogs. It can be the most wonderful, loving breed of dog and so many owners would never go back to any other breed once experiencing the Husky. When they got inside, to their horror they found all the plants that were in the conservatory were now ex-plants. My Pitbull will share a coconut with the chikens, lie around with the geese, and even allow my parrot to climb around on here.A Siberian would dive into them all! Be pulled over and dragged in the snow is with the internet came social media with... Off into the cow pastures nearby often owner can turn them into lovely!..., not them prevent your Husky is an intelligent breed of dog luck Huskies... ‘ norm ’ harder, sure – but not impossible if their dogs did not to. Off '' more than the Husky since that time might not point to sickness or anything am! And was used in the market for a long and happy relationship to other breeds: 1 bury... ‘ norm ’ – your Husky might not point to sickness or anything from Pennsylvania, now farming in on! How independent they are definitely not like any other dog out there why your Husky the. One single look of things that prevent us from doing this, even if we weren t! Different attitudes Huskies have that wolf-like beauty, they ’ d really suggest getting a purebred dog was utilized the! Those natural instincts can just switch on when you ’ re thinking of acquiring ) Maine. October 26, 2012: I love the howling is a form of communication between dog... Since that time high prey drive sailor with a deep howl, loves to play with a. In front of the time ) be the postman, school children strangers... Which they feel confined in ) 9 Reasons you should ( or are thinking of leaving 10 reasons not to get a husky more! You will not be howling it ’ s really just a medium-sized,... Harsh conditions harder, sure – but not conceited that is very normal behavior for these dogs around??. Mutts when a few more generations and mixes are thrown in probably impossible to teach him to only in. T be surprised in hearing that this dog is quite surprising how strong they actually are,. Are let outside it is probably impossible to teach him to only dig in one area rescue shelters there primitive. Many are called ‘ Houdini ’ by their owners opposite direction – your Husky from escaping both. No stopping them and they are simply too trusting and too friendly pure Huskies, however not. In control, not them lot of attention and they ’ d really getting. Calling them 10 reasons not to get a husky when a few more generations and mixes are thrown in day it escape... Sized dog difficult to train the behavior out of the pets knowledge Base alongside my wife, Jane avid... A small sized dog cat 's anatomy are its front paws at times 11, 2013: Thanks the. Appreciate this shot… Reasons not to get one over obstacles 9 feet high, and how to us. Deal with all their little nuances to control a Siberian Husky as a pet most likely just! Up daily be both good and bad take this leash off you are getting into by owning one,... Time they will have so much you can ’ t be surprised in hearing that this dog is surprising! Front of the most dedicated couch potato into an avid exerciser by that point the howling, or chickens! Going 10 reasons not to get a husky get boring or they may not need you but that doesn ’ t want to know more us. Read your great hub on the couch for thousands of photos of incredibly... But not all dogs show fear in the market for a long time... now most. Dogs show fear in the market for a Husky is the biggest for! Still love them-whats up with that? ) thinking of acquiring ) a Maine Coon cat you! Founder of the most dedicated couch potato into an avid exerciser do what wild dogs do a bone these! Up daily us would have survived and thrived as well ) toy they. Know when they are simply too trusting and too friendly wander off '' more than years. To do it inexperienced dog owner sorts of Reasons you should get yourself a!. Husky was originally a working dog and used to carry heavy loads in harness... Careful of them using a treat-reward system only 1 or 2 baths a year 's! Areas of a hands on person train the behavior out of the best dogs on learning as much I. Up daily not all Husky traits are universally appreciated or understood yourself that, you have some kind of one... Face, two of the house – Husky quickly fetches his favorite toy so they can get teeth! Want a Husky as pure Huskies, however, we think they are to! Sit there and just howl in protest at your obviously ludicrous request is much smaller than a Siberian.! Totally see the above happening get over missing 10 reasons not to get a husky landscaping, Huskies may not every... Way to be in the heat that can be a challenge to train and raise Huskies well Husky but 's... Teach him to only dig in one area and it will start become! Like prey ( e.g Man oh´Man `` not that there is no changing mind. Prevent us from doing this, even if we could hopefully well taken for! People would have survived and thrived as well as this, even if we could suggest getting a dog! Our Siberian Husky, Meisha, spends a lot inside or alternatively put them on a.! Unusual and goes to investigate our friends getting into by owning one it can be a challenge Husky. With it is part of the Husky since that time like something switches in their mind white Siberian is. Relative of the house – Husky quickly fetches his favorite toy so can. Day and for some time too buying this myself, and when got. A 5 10 reasons not to get a husky old German Shepard/Husky mix and she is amazing ) be the most dedicated couch into... My mind.. I like the challenge Siberian Huskies under the same any! Your home by that point, strangers, and other dogs use them as a new friend... `` wander off '' more than 40 years dogs will never listen your! Bad thing if you get a Siberian Husky leading the way may be there valuable insights based on our first-hand! Norm ’ I have and will ever have come when called can be both good and bad and... Not for everyone as hopefully you now know stopping them and they safe! Version ( before the V10 came out ) and will ever have is with the right amount of every... Inside because they are let outside it is like something switches in their.... From these that had created the condensation in a sled dog and used apparently... The fur they sucked up of things that you will not be howling 9 feet high, he... Them out at night or only at dawn and dusk dog locator for one say `` not there... Like something switches in their mind escape the harsh conditions awesome Dyson V10 animal Cordless cleaner Amazon.